After some time working at the newspaper, you start to notice reporters adopting certain stories that come up each year. Perhaps it is an event that they enjoy, or a topic that they have an interest in. For me, one of those stories is Black Friday.

For the past four years now, I have gotten up earlier than usual, put on some warm clothes and made my way out to document and report on the annual start of the Christmas shopping season. While I would never be out there as early as some people, I’ve made it something of a tradition each year.

I can remember when I started here that the topic of Black Friday was somewhat dreaded by most of the newsroom. When one of the editors would ask for volunteers to cover it there would simply be an awkward silence until I’d offer to cover it.

I am not the kind of person who normally buys into the holiday shopping craze. To me, Black Friday is simply another day and not the fabled day of deals that some people see it as.

However, I’ve always enjoyed doing the story because it is a great chance to people watch. From the harried store employee restocking a display, to the shopper hauling away a stack of five of the exact same item, there is a lot to take in on Black Friday. With all those people and perspectives there is always a unique story to tell.

Over the years, I developed a few friendships through this coverage. One of my stops would always be to one of the larger retailers in the area to talk to a specific manager who had covered more Black Friday sales than I have lived. We would always talk about the shopping holiday as he’d weave his way through the madness, never once losing his cool or composure.

There has always been something about the shopping holiday that has caught me, and it never was the sales. But with that said, it is hard not to take it in simply as an experience and appreciate it for that.

Happy birthday Saturday to Kelly Walker of Pottsboro; Kelley Frith and Benjamin Nickens, both of Sherman; and Krystina Moore and Isaac Winters, both of Denison.