Is Thanksgiving Eve a thing? If it isn’t, it should be. So much cooking goes on tonight that it should have its own status as a holiday. Lots of folks will be busy this evening getting a jump on preparing food for Thursday.

At least some of that prep work will get done while the person cooking looks at pictures of food on some sort of media, whether it be YouTube videos of Martha Stewart’s old holiday shows or Pinterest pictures and recipes. And lots of folks like to compare their holiday creations to those that have been posted before.

I want to take a moment to caution against this trend. Sure, it is fun to look at those things and draw inspiration from them. However, it is foolish to compare one’s results with those glossy photos of perfectly cooked carrots or gorgeous cakes or pies.

Why? Because those photos often don’t tell the whole truth.

Sometimes, the person who posted those photos had to remake the recipe a number of times to get that perfect result and you only made yours once. Or, they had someone help them and you made yours all by yourself. Or it’s completely faked.

Remember that holidays are not about perfection. Love covers a multitude of misdemeanors when it comes to cooking, decorating and hosting. Make sure you bring a great deal of love to your holiday event, both the kind that you offer up to others and the kind that you reserve for yourself and your contributions to the holiday.

So what if your deviled eggs look a little like you let the 2-year-old stuff them? If they taste fine, go with the flow. If the green bean casserole your sister-in-law brings looks a little worse for wear when it arrives, remember she had to contend with your sibling and their children while she made it. Thank that woman for showing up with food in hand and rock on.

And if the whole thing falls completely apart? Well, that is what the frozen pizza section at the local food store is for and you will all have a great story to tell at future holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Happy birthday to Debra Armstrong of Denison.