Oh my goodness, how can it be one week to Thanksgiving already? Where did the time go? I could swear it was Halloween only yesterday. All I did was blink and now I am making out a list for Thanksgiving grocery shopping. This year, my little niece will be helping me get ready for the holiday. She is 9 this year and told me recently that I really have to let her do more cooking and stuff because there are children on the Food Network competing in cooking shows who are younger than her.

I haven’t watched those kids on those shows, so I am not sure about their age, but I agreed to let my darling one help out more this year. So far her favorite part about the whole thing has been making lists. She loves to write lists and check them off. She has already made a list of who is bringing what to the dinner. And she had a list started of what I need to buy for the dinner. She has also made a list of the things she wants to eat at the dinner.

The next list I intend to get her started on, this weekend, is the stuff she needs to clean before Thanksgiving. I am going to put my kitchen on that list.

Our family doesn’t do a fancy dinner with china and special flatware, but we do have one filled with love and thankfulness for the people gathered around the table with us. That love and thankfulness is the thing I most want my darling one to take away from the annual Turkey Day dinner. She is showing signs of wanting to whip me into shape on the china and fanciness issue. We will see who comes out on top as the years continue to go by.

Of course, all of our planning may just go out the window when we find ourselves standing in the middle of the big box store trying to remember what was on the lists we will probably leave on the kitchen table. The app I really need someone to come up with is one that makes the phone or list yell at me as I walk out the door so I won’t go off and leave it behind. With one week to go, my sidekick and I wish you all happy prepping for Turkey Day.

Happy birthday to Dakota Holloway of Bokchito, Oklahoma; Jessica Adams, Xalayjah Cleveland, and Jean Ables Downing, all of Sherman; Cathy Bradburry of Wylie; Nicholas Wedgworth of Denison; and Bill Bennett of Bonham.