Between the local Halloween celebrations, crime and educations stories and Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown’s nomination by President Donald Trump to be U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, we just completed a busy week at the Herald Democrat. And that’s not even mentioning the two local assistant district attorneys who announced their candidacy for Brown’s job, if he is confirmed.

But we all know we’re looking at an even busier week coming up.

Both Sherman and Denison will be holding their monthly City Council meetings Monday and there’s plenty of actions for each to take on their respective agendas. Then, Tuesday is election day in Grayson County, meaning the newsroom will be up very late gathering results, updating social media and talking to winners and those defeated in the elections.

Election night is always a long one, but we try to have fun while we’re waiting for results and it’s one that bonds us a team.

Once we get past those two days, we’ll all be anticipating Friday night’s big Battle of the Ax football game between Sherman High and Denison High and our huge Tailgating Experience outside Kidd-Key Auditorium at the Sherman Municipal Building. There’s going to be a lot to see, do and eat and we’ll all be there helping make sure everything goes smoothly.

Happy birthday Sunday to Walter Whitfield of Sherman; Keisha Taylor and Daniel Braxton, both of Denison; Zoey Gray of Pilot Point; Marge Hinton of Grandview, Missouri; and Walter Anderson of Sacramento, California.

Happy anniversary Sunday to B. K. and Stephanie May of Denison, 24 years.

Happy birthday Monday to Deonna White of Sherman; Eric Allison of Howe; and Jake Garner of Tom Bean.

Happy anniversary Monday to Cecil and Patricia Mask of Sherman, 46 years.