In the digital age, live music is a form of entertainment that is sometimes forgotten. I have heard from far too many Texoma residents that the reason for this is our lack of options. I ask those people to look outside the box and they might find our musical offerings to be more than meets the eye.

If you haven’t seen a symphony recently or perhaps ever, I encourage you to try it. Even for those with a thirst for rock ‘n’ roll, a night of music sans lyrics can be soothing to the soul.

Our local high schools often host musical performances. Musical theater can be found within the community as well as the school districts and colleges.

But fret not rock ‘n’ roll fans, several local restaurants and bars play host to live musicians every weekend. You need only to check their schedules and get some friends together for a great time.

If you are feeling particularly bold and unafraid, Harmony House in Ravenna provides a house concert experience that is hard to beat.

Sherman and Denison both conduct live music programs which provide residents with a variety of opportunities to enjoy upcoming and already established musicians and groups.

I know it may be easier to plug in your smartphone and listen to your favorite song for the thousandth time but nothing compares to a live performance, in my opinion. So, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open and I am sure you will find we have more options than you previously thought.

Happy birthday Sunday to Carol Hinton of Raytown, Missouri, and Felicia Collins of Sherman.

Happy birthday Monday to Steve Wigington, Danny Stanshier, Patrick Wright, and Dolonia Mullins, all of Denison; Zalyn Jacobs, Emma McDaniel, and Donencia Brazil, all of Sherman; Ashli Wigington of Glenn Heights; and Madison Dobbs of Pottsboro.