Next Tuesday there will be a Memorial Service for Barrett Keith Brown at the First United Methodist Church. He died last Saturday and on Sunday there was a very disturbing article printed by the Herald Democrat. It presented a negative overview of a man who was a life long citizen of our community. Keith was not a perfect man and he made many mistakes but he was a man who loved Sherman and was proud to call it his home.

My husband, Charles Larry Cain, was Keith’s friend for almost 50 years. They started school together at Fairview and graduated from Sherman High together in 1964. They both attended law school and they both chose to return to Sherman to practice law. They always stayed in touch no matter where life took them. In 1984 Keith and Larry both plead guilty to drug charges in the federal court. They both lived with the fact that they disgraced their parents, hurt their wives and children and let down the community they both loved.

Keith worked hard to reestablish his legal career after that time. He also worked hard to repay his debt to the community. He and his wife, Becky, raised two sons that graduated from Sherman High School. They also became great supporters of many community organizations. When Larry died in 2001, my family and Keith established a scholarship for Sherman graduates. Keith always was impressed with the students who applied and thought it was important to support our future leaders. He was a major supporter of the Sherman Education Foundation and loved to attend Bearcat football and baseball games.

If you ever met Keith he would always remember you. In his eulogy to my husband he described his and Larry’s personalities in the following words, “ we lived life to the fullest and, along the way, together we took care of school, partied hard, raised hell and pushed everything and everyone to the limit, and sometimes beyond.”

Keith did push the limits. He made mistakes and he paid the price. He was not perfect but he tried. He will be missed by his family, his friends and the Sherman community. He was a very generous giver from the tips he gave in restaurants to the financial support he gave to community organizations. He has been a friend to many and he was always honest and open about his faults. I feel honored that Keith was my friend and he will be missed.

Rosalind Cain Motley