The holiday season is upon us and while we have yet to celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving, preparation for Christmas, believe it or not, is already underway in Texoma.

As I sat at my desk on Tuesday, one of my editors turned to me and asked if I would head over to Loy Park, where crews were assembling dozens of different lighting displays for the annual Holiday Lights celebration.

If my memory serves, about this time last year I wrote a Good Morning column about how unorthodox it was to start decorating and advertising for the Christmas holiday so early. While I may never understand why some folks are so eager to get started months before the holiday is even here, the Christmas Creators lighting installation crew is one bunch that needs to get as much of a head start as anyone I know.

I pulled up to the park and quickly found myself a few workers who had just sat down to enjoy a break and I struck up a conversation with them. They told me they had been working on the celebration for several weeks already, beginning with the extraction of all the lights from the nearby warehouse. Of the half million or so individual bulbs they estimated to be used for the event, the workers I talked to said they had to check or replace at least 50,000. One of the gentlemen joked that his fingers still hadn’t healed from all the work. Joking or not, I believed him wholeheartedly.

Multiple crews were working across the park to set up more than 80 different displays and when I saw one gentleman perched atop the wobbly frame of a display, I realized just how much effort it takes to pull off something as grandiose as Holiday Lights.

I still maintain that it’s too early for homeowners and businesses to start decorating for Christmas, but that’s only my opinion. For the Christmas Creators, I say keep up the good work. They’re giving a gift to each and every visitor who rolls through Holiday Lights this year.

Happy birthday to Doug Sloan, Joann Russell and Vanessa Blanton, all of Sherman; and Iris Sneed.

Happy anniversary to Pete and Paula Skinner of Whitewright, 54 years.