As we start our Tuesday, the weather outside is going to make us all think that fall has finally arrived. But don’t put those shorts and flip flops away just yet. The high temperatures today might struggle to get out of the 70s, but the 80s and even 90s are on their way back before the weekend.

What on earth is going on with this weather? I still have not been able to turn my air conditioner completely off for the fall. This past weekend, I was running the AC while I pulled out the fall and Halloween decorations and started to spread the season around my house.

At this point, I think I will probably be running the AC while I cook my Thanksgiving turkey and pies. Maybe we will even be able to put the whole Thanksgiving meal on outside in the front yard. Instead of dressing up in sweaters, hats and gloves, we can all try to find flip flops in autumnal colors? Maybe they could open the Splash back up and we could spend the Friday after Thanksgiving having a turkey day swim competition?

Instead of selling hot chocolate at the annual Christmas parades, booths could sell chocolate ice creams or iced tea? And maybe we could all wear jingle bells on our red and green flip flops? Instead of ugly Christmas sweater contests, we could have ugly Christmas T-shirt contests and give extra points for using glitter.

I would be the first person to complain if the area were to see freezing temperatures for weeks on end, but this is too much. I just want it to be cold enough to kill off some of the bugs around here. I should not have to worry about mosquitoes and fleas in November.

Happy birthday to Marvin Brown, Paris Jones and Nathan Jones, all of Sherman; Legessie Horn of Denison; John Pruitt Ford of Duncanville; Ainslee Jones; Patti Brown of Ada, Oklahoma.

Happy anniversary to Rob and Cara Wigington, Edmond, Oklahoma, 25 years.