It seems like the election was just yesterday. That is in part because political news coverage — and fodder for it — has not let up in the postelection months. And now there’s a new election date, actually a couple, facing us.

First, Nov. 7, is right around the corner. That election will be packed with state constitutional amendments, a Sherman Independent School District bond election, two contested Sherman council seats and a city charter amendment, a Howe ISD bond election, a local option election in Tioga, a Pottsboro ISD bond election, and an S&S CISD bond election.

After that, voters will be facing a March primary that will include an open state house seat, an open district judge seat and likely at least one other key spot that we’re hearing rumblings about. Candidates have until December to register for that election, but the politicking has already begun.

When you pile that all together it’s easy to get lost, overwhelmed and fatigued by all the politics. You might be tempted to tune it out, especially the local politics. Please fight that urge.

Voters are facing important choices that will have ramifications for decades, and there is no elected official who has a more direct affect on your daily life and your pocketbook than a local one.

We’re working hard to bring you clear, concise information about these issues, so you can decide how to vote come November. So make sure you stay tuned. You can also find election information on the Grayson County website (

Your role is to stay informed so you can make good decisions about the people and laws that govern your daily lives. There is one more thing you need to do, and soon.

The last day to register to vote is Tuesday. You can go to to take care of that.

Happy birthday Thursday to Sandra Admire Savering of Denison; Anne Biggerstaff Alexander of Arlington; Beverly Fant Whiddon of Tallahassee, Florida; Roger Johnson of Maryland; Robert Nelson, Lawrence Gentry, Stephanie Mutz, and Amanda Zuerlein, all of Sherman; Darian Curry of Allen; Tabitha Ingram of Pottsboro; Nancy Waitman of Kemp, Okla; and Rodney Jackson of Van Alstyne.