Now that October has arrived, Halloween is just around the corner and I still don’t have a costume. For me, this is a big deal because I generally start making my costume right after July 4.

This year, I got a late start because my little niece hadn’t quite made up her mind about what she wanted to be for Halloween. In the years since she has been in the family, I have tried to build my costume around whatever it was she wanted to be. This year, she is going as Abby Scuito from “NCIS.” Now, we looked but didn’t find a commercially available costume of that character for little girls. So, we had to make it ourselves. And, thankfully, we have just about found all of the pieces for her outfit.

To keep with the idea of complementing our darling one, her aunt Rachel and I were thinking we would go as NCIS agents. I am thinking that will be a fairly comfy costume since it will consist of a pair of jeans, a jacket of some kind with NCIS spelled out in tape, and a baseball cap. We might also add badges and sunglasses.

Since the last costume I made for myself was a massive pink fairy godmother gown, this year is looking kind of low key. And I am wondering if that is a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe it isn’t a thing at all? In years past, I spent most of the month of October making a costume that I wore to Fright Fest in Sherman. If all I need is a pair of jeans and jacket, am I going to feel underwhelmed?

I was feeling pretty good about my decision until I happened across a post by Martha Stewart showing what the queen of Halloween was planning to be this year. Drat that old Martha, she always gets my goat. Still, I must remember that Martha has a whole staff of people to help her with her creations and I don’t.

So what are you planning on being for Halloween?

Happy birthday to Jimmy Lee Moore, Mildred Anderson and Kevin Harris, all of Sherman; J. D. Wells of Tampa, Florida; and Audrey Cox.

Happy anniversary to Gerald and Sue Hannan of Colbert, Oklahoma, 49 years; Ron and Sheila Smith of Denison, 38 years; Larry and Mary Patterson of Sherman, 26 years; Alexis and Bridgett Goree of Sherman, 10 years.