It was a busy week for Grayson College and as the education reporter a busy week for me. I attended most of the events from the Veterans Expo on Tuesday to the Careers in Texas Industries Day on Friday. Being on campus reminded me of my time as a college student.

I watched as students hustled from one side of the campus to the other in an attempt to make it to class on time, often side-tracked by the shout of a friend across the parking lot or honk and waive from a passing car. Campus life is often hard to describe to those unfamiliar with the atmosphere.

The event that truly sent me down memory lane was the groundbreaking for the college’s new residence hall. Currently, Viking Hall is Grayson College’s only dormitory and a need for more campus living opportunities has become apparent.

During my time in college, I stayed in several different residence halls. For most students, living in a dorm is their first taste of independence. This is incredibly freeing and for many — a little scary. But that is the great thing about living in a dorm, there is a built-in support system.

Student leaders and staff lived within the building to help cushion the transition from high schooler to independent adult. Head residents, resident assistants and area coordinators were there to provide a shoulder to cry on, sound advice and instructions on how to operate the washer and dryer conveniently located in the creepy basement down four flights of stairs.

Beyond that, dorm residents and roommates in particular are basically built in friends, especially for freshmen who have not yet had a chance to awkwardly mingle at mixers and parties. By the time you are done lugging your fifth load of absolutely necessary stuff up the stairs to your dorm room, you will have likely already made your first friend.

Although being close enough to roll out of bed at 7:50 a.m. and make it to your 8 a.m. class on time is nice, it is the sense of community that makes on-campus life so special.

Happy birthday to Norma Whitehead, Catherine Davis, LaQueta Wilson, Billy Vincent, Denise Manning, Roemello S. Haygood, and Jim Sublett, all of Sherman; Dorothy Kelly, Larron Jackson, Gary Nix, and Nicole Nix all of Denison; Emily Hickman of Pottsboro; and Dorothy Gressett of Collinsville.

Happy anniversary to Kenneth and Brenda Hargrove of Sherwood Shores, 25 years.