Charles Schultz said, “Happiness is warm puppy,” and I can totally agree with that sentiment. However, puppies don’t corner the market on bringing the happy feelings.

One recent day, I had the joy of finding happiness hanging on a hanger in a store where I had not expected to find it. For months and months, I have been searching for a specific type of blue jeans. I have a passion for a dark rinse trouser jean with a wide leg. There for a while, they were everywhere and I bought them in bulk. But then, they were suddenly “out of style” and I all I could find anywhere were jeans with cropped legs or low rise skinny jeans.

Now, folks I don’t buy skinny anything. Let’s get real.

A woman wants a pair of jeans that gives her confidence and lets her be who she feels she is. I am not a low-rise skinny jean-type of woman and I never have been. So, I had almost given up on ever having another pair of jeans again in my life.

And I am not exaggerating.

Then, I needed some tea and a few other things, so I went to the store. It wasn’t a store where I had been in a habit of shopping for jeans and yet there they were hanging on a rack that I had to walk past to get back to the checkout.

When I first saw them, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I though they would have big pockets on the backside or that the legs would be tapered or cropped. Then I thought they were in the wrong section and wouldn’t be for me.

But they weren’t.

And I thought maybe they were actually for me after all of these months of searching. I rushed into the fitting room and happiness rained down like crazy. It was all I could do to keep from screaming with joy. I did leave the dressing room so quickly that I forgot to grab my keys and had to go back and get them.

Happiness is also a new pair of jeans for the fall, whether one is going back to school or not. And that is the way I see it.

Happy birthday Saturday to Dorthy Franklin, Gil Nelson and Marque Ownes of Sherman; Bradley Miller and Harolyn Berry, both of Denison; Cheryl Harvey of Whitewright; and Axton Thomeson of Nashville, Tennessee.