The Texas House of Representatives recently put their seal of approval on a bill that aims to make some craft breweries adhere to stricter rules regarding their on-site beer sales. If a craft brewery is owned by a larger brewer that produces over 225,000 barrels of its own beer each year, then that craft brewery must first sell its beer to a distributor and then buy it back at a markup if it wishes to sell the beer out its in-house taproom.

Supporters of the bill say it preserves the three-tier system in which brewers make the beer, distributors then transport and stock beer for a retailer, which sells it at stores. But craft brewers, the main and most vocal opponents, say the bill will drive up their costs and drive away customers if this regulation comes to fruition.

Those reading this column are likely doing so in the morning, but as I write it, it’s well into the evening and I’m getting rather thirsty and sentimental about my first beer.

My dad and I were sitting in the front yard after doing some type of outdoor chore and he had kicked off his shoes and was sipping on an amber bock beer. He seemed to be enjoying it quite a lot, so I asked if I could try. He agreed on the condition that I take only one small sip.

It was like nothing I had ever tasted before and I can’t say it was particularly enjoyable. He told me it was something that people learned to enjoy over time and that it always tasted better after a day of hard work.

Years later, I couldn’t agree more with what my father said. After a hard day’s work, there’s little I enjoy more than a nice, cold brew.

I believe that making a quality beer is hard work and many folks in Texoma put in the effort to do just that. All I can hope is that both sides will sit down at the table together and try to reach a solution that satisfies them the same way a craft beer hits the spot for me.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Charles Bridges, Patsy Perry, Annice Hammonds, Keyera Cox, Kennendy Eddington, Anthony Jones, Leslie Schuster and Angela Hughley, all of Sherman; Jeannie Jenkins of Denison; Judy Ertel of Temple; Eugene D. Hauptmann of Wylie; Lori Ann Johnson of Knollwood; Charles Etta Carrethers of Fort Worth.

Happy anniversary Tuesday to Doug and Barbara Rutherford of Denison, 65 years; and Jonathan and Kimberly Cannon of Sherman, 8 years.