I don’t remember exactly when I first got excited about summer vacations from school. I suppose it must have been in elementary school at some point, but I can’t really recall what grade.

The thought puzzles me all of these years later because my niece, who is in the third grade, really isn’t all that excited as we get closer and closer to the summer.

I asked her the other day how many weeks of school she had left before the summer. She thought about it for a minute or so and said, “I don’t know, a few, I guess.”

Asking whether she was excited seemed to be pointless. What kid isn’t excited about the summer break? I asked instead about what she is looking most forward to for the summer. I should have known “The Splash” would be the answer. My darling girl loves the water like nobody’s business. She would be in that pool from dawn to dusk if the rest of us would just let her.

I asked her why she didn’t seem that happy about the summer coming and she told me that she likes school and will miss her school friends. She did tell me, however that her teachers had announced that she and her classmates will have the same teachers again next year. She was very excited about that.

Stormi goes to a day care that teaches students all year so she really doesn’t get the absolute break from learning that my siblings and I got during the summer. But she doesn’t seem to mind the extra learning. I think I might have been that way as a child if given the choice.

I know my little gal isn’t the only one ready for that big old pool to open up and welcome them back to the water. Opening day at The Splash, for those who don’t get a daily countdown like I do from my niece, is May 27. They began filling the gigantic (Stormi’s description, not mine) pool back on May 4 according to a social media post.

Happy birthday Saturday to Steve Austin, Joe Harris, Dwane Lambert, Pat Herndon, Chan’ta Hunter, Davetta Green, Makayla Muenzi, Jerkeylon Norvell, Joe Harris and Hannah Worthington, all of Sherman; Bobbie French of Bells; Clint Gillespie of Gilbert, Arizona; Della Knox Bennett; Connie Harshman Jones; Kathy Hendrick; Alexis Taylor; and Gale Stogner of Colbert, Oklahoma.

Happy anniversary Saturday to Krista and Kelly Norwood of Richardson, 22 years.