Journalism has been called the first draft of history. It is often done without the advantage of the perspective time offers. We report information as quickly as we can, especially in the digital space. But every once in a while, we have a chance to do something different.

That was the case with the two-part series about the unsolved death of Jennifer Harris. (The second part appears in today’s edition. You can find the first part in Friday’s edition or online at This series afforded us time to dig deeply into the mystery and tell the story in a more thorough way. That was accomplished through more than a dozen interviews over a period of three weeks. The series represents the work of two reporters, two editors, a photographer who combed our archives, a copy editor and a graphic designer.

But the work isn’t done. Somewhere, someone may know something that could help solve this mystery.

Our hope is this comprehensive retelling will cause that someone to remember and come forward. We’ll continue to dig deeper into the questions of this case and hope that you will help us. Contact us with your recollections. Email us at Call us at 903-893-8181 ext. 1. Or, if you have information to provide and want to do so in secret, mail it to us at P.O. Box 1128, Sherman, Texas, 75091.

Happy birthday Sunday to Connie Scott of Denison; Buffy Posey and Donald Hampton, both of Sherman; and Bart Lawrence of Pottsboro.

Happy anniversary Sunday to Carolyn and Homer Phelps of Sherman, 51 years.

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