I voted for Mr. Trump for president. I was as shocked as anyone when he won. After having time to think about my surprise I think I know why I was surprised.

If you can look at the pictures of Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton in the November 2016 Reader’s Digest pages 102 and 103 you might see what I see. Mrs. Clinton is brightly lit in a bright pantsuit with a pretty smile. Mr. Trump is caught making the face I made when I saw things like the price of gas go up or a disgraceful public display, a look of disapproval.

He has a shadow on his face to make him look more sinister. Thinking back I saw these type of photos showing Mrs. Clinton look shining bright and Mr. Trump with a scowl many times by the major news channels leading up to the election. The major news channels were as surprised as I was that Mr. Trump won.

We get our opinions shaped by those news channels every day. That is our major means of learning what is going on in the world and our country. The media was all in for Mrs. Clinton and they thought they had elected her. I don’t doubt that the Russians tried to sway the American public to the candidate they thought would be easier to deal with. Just as our intelligence services have tried to influence the political leanings of Russia for a long time, so too have their Russian counterparts.

Charles Mauldin