For 15 years, the Herald Democrat has been publishing the Best of Texoma annually as a resource for local citizens. It can help you decide where to eat or what doctor you might want to select.

I remember my first experience with Best of Texoma. I was just out of college, not working here yet but I grew up in the area. I needed a dry cleaner, and I had no idea how to choose one. Who was good? Who wasn't? And who should I ask?

That was when I came across Best of Texoma and it helped me make my decision.

This year, for its 15th anniversary, we're revamping the Best of Texoma with a new look and a new approach that will make Best of Texoma even more useful for those looking for a dry cleaner or maybe even help in finding a new apartment.

First, there are two rounds of voting this year. The first is a nominating phase, which is currently underway and continues through Sunday. Locals can nominate any area business they choose for each business's respective category. Nominations will then be totaled and the top three nominees for each category will go through another round of voting.

During the second round, voters will chose one of the top three nominees and ultimately the Best of Texoma. What this means for readers is they'll have the three finalist to choose from instead of just a single winner, giving them more information to make a choice and making the Best of Texoma a source readers can go to again and again throughout the year.

So if you have an opinion on the area's best hearing clinic or car wash, if you've had a great experience buying flooring somewhere or shopping for an ATV or boat, your opinion matters. Tell us where you get your car washed or stop for a fill-up or who you think is the Best of Texoma in any — or all — of the 122 categories.

Nominating votes continue through Sunday and can be cast at We want to hear from you, and be sure to stay tuned for the second round of voting during which you'll have three choices.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Elizabeth Rangel, Ronnie Berry, Alicia Phea and Clifford Trice, all of Sherman; and Ameyah Brown and Alaysia Brown, both of McKinney.

Happy anniversary Wednesday to Ed and Pam Colvin of Sherman, 37 years.