For yesterday’s edition, I wrote a Good Morning column about Mondays not actually being that bad — and then I had one of “those days” that made me reconsider my position.

I’ve always felt Mondays get a bad rap from people. It’s seldom fun to go back to work after a weekend off, but it’s an inevitability for most of us, so I’ve never felt it was really worth fighting it. Like I’ve said before, Mondays are usually easy to get through and that makes me that much closer to my next weekend off. But this Monday had me ready for that to come much sooner.

There was no major tragedy that befell me, it was more just a combination of many little things one after another, and from before I even woke up Monday morning.

My day began suddenly when I was awakened from a deep slumber around 5 a.m. by my crying infant son. My wife and I got up to check on him and it appeared he only needed some comforting, so my wife took care of him and let me go back to sleep. Unfortunately, that sleep never came, so when my alarm went off a couple hours later, I had to confront the day with much less than my preferred eight hours.

More minor issues delayed my departure for work a little bit, but once I was out the door, I figured I was in the clear. Then I started my car and was greeted by the little warning light that my tire pressure was low.

That was annoying, but it’s happened before and I have a service station where I always go to keep my tire pressure where it needs to be. As I pulled in and saw the spot next to the air machine empty, I figured my luck was finally changing.

But as I stopped next to the machine, the “out of service” tape all over it told me that wasn’t quite the case.

I eventually found another gas station with a working air machine and eventually got to work. But by that point, the day I’d already had gave me only one question for my co-workers as I walked into the newsroom — “Is it Friday yet?”

Happy birthday Tuesday to Patty Stephenson, Carolyn Cross, Vickie Futrell, Anitdra Mask and Alan Geller, all of Sherman; Rhonda Glenn and Robert Hunter, both of Denison; Norman Dickey of Howe; A.J. Cannon of Gunter; Kaleb Monk of Collinsville; J.J. Wallace of Luella; Lenny Gray of Pilot Point; and Djuna Forrester of St. Jo.