Monday is a hard day of the week to like. It means the end of the weekend, when most people are free to sleep in, get away from the stress of the working week and have adventures.

Monday is an unwelcome inevitability for people who had their weekends seem to fly by and for those whose weekends dragged. Everyone wants a little more time off, but that’s rarely a possibility.

When I think of Mondays in general, two things come to mind — Garfield and the Bangles.

I’m often able to make my wife laugh on Sunday nights when I do my best Garfield impression and mumble a hearty “I hate Mondays.”

I don’t know that I truly have that strong of feelings about the first day of the working week, but I inevitably would prefer to spend more time off with my family.

That same sentiment is basically the theme of the Bangles’ famous hit “Manic Monday.”

“Manic Monday” has always been my favorite song about Mondays, though I never realized there were as many songs about that particular day of the week until I looked it up for this column.

I’m sure a lot of people would think of “Rainy Days and Mondays” by the Carpenters or “Monday Monday” by the Mamas and the Papas if asked about their favorite song about Monday and those are both fine choices as one really can’t go wrong with the beautiful voices that sing both of those tunes.

Of course, one song that likely wouldn’t get a lot of votes would be “Blue Monday” by New Order as I’m not sure that song is really about Mondays at all. I love that song and have listened to it innumerable times and I have no idea what it’s actually about. But it’s catchy, so I’m OK with that.

What I’ve found that I like best about Mondays is that they’re fairly easy to get through. I know I’ve still got the rest of the week ahead of me, which means I’m not anticipating the end of the day as much as I am on a Friday, so the day never drags.

And once that day is through, I know I’m closer to the weekend and having another adventure with my family.

Happy birthday Monday to Carl Baxley and Bre’Anna Evans, both of Sherman; Barbara Carroll of Colbert, Oklahoma; Aaliyah Williams of Durant, Oklahoma; and Byron Goodrum of Houston.

Happy anniversary Monday to Louis and Sherry Jackson of Denison, 35 years.