In my column last week, I wrote about how good of a sleeper my son is, but I tried to keep from sounding like I was bragging because my wife and I know we’re very lucky in that regard. However, maybe my karma thought my tone was braggadocios because beginning Monday, he started having issues with bedtime.

I got home late from work Monday evening and, after eating dinner, still needed to walk our two dogs, but my son was already getting tired. I didn’t want to put him to bed before I took the dogs and then have them wake him up when we returned, so my wife just held him while the dogs and I went for a walk.

Apparently his sleepiness couldn’t be overcome because by the time we got back, the baby was asleep in her arms. My wife and I woke him up and got him ready for bed and everything looked good until he started drinking his nighttime bottle.

At first he didn’t want it because he wasn’t sleepy, but his mother soothed him to sleep as he drank. Unfortunately, as soon as I put him in his crib, he woke right back up.

So we went through the routine again and got him back asleep, but again, as soon as he touched his bed, those eyes popped open. At that point, we took him out of his pajamas and played with him for a while in hopes of tiring him out. It took a while, but we eventually got him to sleep — about three hours after he’d initially been sleepy.

We made sure to keep him awake the next night until it was his bedtime and everything seemed back to normal. He fell asleep around his normal time and my wife went to bed while I stayed up to watch TV for a little while.

But about an hour into his sleep, I heard him coughing and then start crying. I figured he’d coughed himself awake and just needed to be rocked back to sleep, but when I went to get him, I found him on all fours throwing up everywhere.

I picked him up and wiped him off and then we went to get my wife because I knew I needed help. She changed his sheets while I changed him, which was fairly easy to do because he was still very tired and seemed to just want to go back to sleep.

Once we got his bed changed and him back to sleep, I put him back in his crib and tried watching a little more TV, but I heard him start crying again about an hour later. He’d thrown up a little in his crib again, so I picked him up and he then threw up all over me and the floor in our kitchen. His cries had woken my wife back up, so we went through the cleaning process again, but again he was so tired he fell asleep in my arms as soon as I changed him.

From all the advice we could find online, it seemed he just had a bug and didn’t need to be rushed to the hospital, so we put him back to bed. At that point, I decided to try to get some sleep, but just as I was about to drift off, I heard him wake up and start crying again.

That time, there wasn’t much throw up, but I was worried about him getting dehydrated, so I gave him some more formula and he quickly fell back asleep and slept through the rest of the night.

The next morning, I cautiously gave him his morning bottle and he ate it all up with no problems. In fact, he was his normal happy self and showed no signs of feeling under the weather.

Since then, he’s been much better, so it clearly was just a bug of some sort, though I’m definitely going to be careful about bragging about him for a while.

William C. Wadsack is the managing editor of the Herald Democrat and a first-time father. He never realized just how expensive babies can be until the birth of his son. Email him at Follow him on Twitter @WCWadsackHD.