Over the weekend, I learned of Denison Council Member Kris Spiegel’s intention to vacate his seat on the Denison City Council and run for an at-large seat that will be left vacant in May. While a lot of attention may be on Spiegel for this move, the bigger picture is that Denison could see major changes coming in May.

With his resignation, and both longtime council members Matt Hanley and Ken Brawley reaching their term limits, half the seats on the Denison City Council will be up for election later this spring. This will ultimately lead to new faces and ideas in Denison leadership coming soon.

With that in mind, I urge anyone who is considering running for these or other positions to do so. For Denison, candidates have from today until Feb. 17 to file for the regular elections and March 7 for Spiegel’s seat, but there will be positions throughout Grayson County that will be up for grabs this spring.

In the coming weeks, we will be writing about the races throughout the county and the individual candidates in these races in lead up to the May vote. I have always enjoyed writing these stories because it gives me a chance to see what each candidate brings to the table and what issues are important to them.

In my few years working here in Texoma, I have seen several elections canceled due to no opposition or no candidates. This goes against the spirit of our elections and our system of government.

Who knows what ideas may be stifled simply because someone didn’t have the confidence to run. It is through these new ideas that we find progress and development.

Even if candidates are not successful in their bids, they help set the tone for conversations and politics moving forward. That is where our system thrives. Certainly, not all candidates will win, but you don’t know until you try.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Melba Perdue of Collinsville; Carol Parrish, Keyshun Toney, Lois Smith, Kanyjah Wroten, Brooklyn Lee McCaleb, Andrea Nelson, and Walter Pawlus, all of Sherman; Betty Connally of Oklahoma; Sara Butterworth of Denison; Tate Dodds of Pottsboro; and Billye Lyles of Ivanhoe.

Happy anniversary Wednesday to Howard and Ora Snell of Sherman, 16 years; and David and Lynda Dennard of Sherman, 43 years.