Alas, to my dismay, the Clinton email debacle/scandal is not over. The Inspector General’s office is reopening this issue, in order to see if the FBI’s handling of the hacking investigation, and possible misconduct on release of the findings, and the timing of the FBI Investigation releases by James Comey was legal. I had hoped that this issue was over, since it was agreed by all, that Russia hacked, or sponsored hacking of the DNC and John Podesta’s emails.

These Hackings exposed vitriol within the Democratic Presidential Campaign, preferential treatment/bias for one of the candidates (led by the DNC Chair), and embarrassing/condescending comments about the leading candidate by the candidate’s staff.

I also understand that the IG plans to release the results of the investigation to the general public.

In the interest of good taste, please redact the following items/attachments from the report as a matter of decency to those who may read it:

1. Any photos attached to Anthony Weiners emails that were a part of this investigation. No one wants to see Anthony Wieners…. emails.

2. Any photos of the candidates’ yoga exercises that purportedly were discussed in the server that was located in a bathroom in an apartment somewhere. Those can’t be unseen.

3. Any references to specifics of the conversation between Bill Clinton, and Loretta Lynch in her airplane on the Tarmac. Lot’s of people do that, jump from one plane to the other and chat, not fair to single that one out.

James D. “Jim” Fritts