Editor’s note: This was written as an open letter to Sen. John Cornyn and Sen. Ted Cruz.

President-elect Donald Trump is acknowledged as the least-qualified president we have ever elected. He has no experience at governing, has displayed little to no knowledge of the Constitution, has not released his tax returns as is normal for persons running for president, and has serious conflicts of interest with his private business dealings.

He has nominated people to cabinet positions who are unqualified for those positions and either have no interest in seeing that those departments are run in a manner that will benefit the American public, or – in some cases - have a history of conflict with the department they have been nominated to lead. Should the Senate allow these nominees on a fast-track route to confirmation without requiring that they be properly vetted, President Trump will be acting without any prior experience and will be unable to call upon his department heads for their experience because they have none.

I call upon you to speak out for your constituents. Slow the confirmation process until you and your fellow senators have the information you need to make a proper decision regarding these nominees. We do not need another embarrassment such as we had with Michael Brown, who was appointed to be head of FEMA with no prior government experience. The potential of governmental failure should many of these nominees be confirmed without proper vetting is staggering – and will be remembered when we voters return to the booth.

Please honor your oath to preserve and protect these United States of America.

Emily Eikner-Austin

Honey Grove