I feel like the temperature shouldn’t be nearly 75 degrees in January.

And it really shouldn’t be that warm just four days after it snowed.

But that’s exactly what we got Tuesday. The jackets, gloves or snow boots we all needed Friday have already been long forgotten.

The wild temperature dips and crests we’ve seen over the past few weeks are really beginning to get to me. When the temperature went from cold to the 60s to below freezing in just a few hours a week before Christmas, my wife and I immediately got sick. It took me several days to get over it, but weeks later, she’s still trying to get back to 100 percent.

At that time, the National Weather Service called the temperature changes a weather roller coaster on Twitter because the mercury kept climbing and then falling drastically. The up-and-down nature of the forecasts reminded me of a yo-yo, but now I think bungee jumping is a much more apt metaphor.

Just when we get used to the warmer weather, the temperature steps off that bridge and goes plummeting down to new lows — like the 9 degree low temperature recorded Saturday. The bungee then springs and the temperature starts rising back to the point that first it’s comfortable outside without a heavy jacket and then to the point of people being able to wear shorts.

It’s a crazy trend and I’m not sure my body can keep up with it for much longer.

There’s another cold front coming at the end of the week and we can expect temperatures to drop again, though not necessarily as low as they did last week. Plus we get rain with this cold front, some of which could turn into sleet, so that’s something we can all begin worrying about now.

As old as the 100 degree days got during the summer, at least we knew what to expect everyday when we woke up. I would never go so far as to say I’m ready for the heat of summer, but I would love a more stable season with temperatures I can anticipate. At least then I wouldn’t be sick every other week.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Ashlund Carson and Sherrie Tew, both of Denison; Pat Smith, Sonja Everett and Starr Barbara Brown, all of Sherman; Kane Wolf of Gainesville; and Tammy Cecil of Houston.