Now that the holidays have been over for a while and we’ve had our first snow of the year, I am really looking forward to spring. Winter has never been my favorite season and it isn’t this year either. I know we generally have very mild winters here and I really shouldn’t complain, but I am human so I will.

I love spring. It isn’t my favorite season, which has always been fall, but it is getting pretty close.

Last summer, I made it a point to make myself try to get out and enjoy something about each long hot day. It was a struggle because I just don’t see why it ever needs to get hotter than 90 degrees, but I tried.

The spring usually doesn’t see temperatures go that high. And there are the storms. I love a good Texas rain storm. I like to hear it falling on the roof and I don’t even mind driving in a light to medium rain. I don’t, however, like to drive in the hard rain that sometimes hits our area.

When spring arrives on March 20, I will have already started cleaning. I plan to start that this weekend. I feel the need to start organizing and cleaning things as I begin to put away the Christmas and New Year’s decorations.

The first thing I want to do is get things put up where I can find them. Over the past year, I have really let organization slide. And I am, generally, a very organized person. So, I feel like I have been living in crisis mode for a while now. I feel if I can finally get things back where they belong, I will be able to begin to relax.

I am hoping that works. I am also hoping that I can avoid the call of the stores that are all pitching sales on organizational systems and gadgets. I don’t think I need new boxes or cleaning devices.

All I really need is some get up and go, and inspiration to move forward. Unfortunately, those things can’t be bought in a store for any price. So they have to come from me.

Happy birthday Monday to Jill Meador, Larita Johnson, Joan Huffman, Jim Tribble, Johnnie Thompson, Dominque Stevenson and Norita Johnson, all of Sherman; Helen Stevenson of Dallas; Sharlynne Williams of Wylie; Bobbie Brown of Atlanta, Texas; and Beulah Hannan of Georgia.

Happy anniversary Monday to Bob and Mary Wigington of Denison, 49 years.