Sherman Police

Sherman Police

Public intoxication - A person called police Tuesday regarding an unknown person in their backyard in the 1300 block of Preston Road. When officers arrived at the residence, they found the suspect walking away from the area. Officers gave the suspect a field sobriety test, which she failed. The suspect was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the Grayson County Jail.

Manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance - Police went to a residence in the 500 block of West Lamar Street Tuesday in reference to a forgery. The suspect of the forgery was found to be in possession of methadone and Demerol. Police arrested the suspect and took him to the Grayson County Jail.

Unauthorized use of vehicle - An officer responded to a stolen vehicle call Tuesday in the 200 block of North Travis Street. The victim said that she had loaned her vehicle to a friend and was supposed to get it back on Monday, but the friend had yet to return the vehicle. Police made a report for unauthorized use of vehicle. During the investigation, the victim changed her mind and no longer wanted police involvement.

Bonham Police

Burglary - Police responded to a burglary Friday in the 100 block of North Center Street. The victim told police that the lock to his storage building had been removed and several tools were stolen. A damaged lock was found on the ground near the building. The investigation is ongoing.

Fail to identify - Police received a call Tuesday reporting a stolen phone. The victim told police that she called her phone and an unknown man answered. She told the man that he had her phone, which had been stolen. The man said he had bought the phone and did not know that it was stolen. He gave the victim his location and said the police could meet him there and he would return the phone. Police responded to the location in the 200 block of East Russell Avenue, where the man and a female subject were waiting. Police took the names of both the man and the woman, and the man told police that the woman did not give them her correct name. The officers asked her for her name again, and she again gave the false name. The officers told the woman that they knew she was giving a false name. She then gave her correct name and said she lied because she thought she had outstanding warrants. The officers arrested her for failing to identify/giving false information.

Violate protective order - A victim called police Tuesday to report a violation of a protective order. Police responded to the victim’s house in the 200 block of East Evans Avenue. The victim told police that the suspect left the residence. The protective order was confirmed through Bonham PD dispatch, and police searched the area for the suspect but did not find him. The officers told the victim to notify them right away if the suspect returned. The victim called police a short time later to report that the suspect had returned to his residence, and gave officers a clothing description and direction of travel for the suspect. Officers located the suspect and made contact with him. The suspect admitted to having been at the victim’s residence. Officers reminded the suspect of the protective order, and then arrested him for violating a protective order.