The Sherman High School Athletic Booster Club recently donated more than $7,000 worth of gear and equipment to athletes.

The Sherman High School Athletic Booster Club recently donated more than $7,000 worth of gear and equipment to athletes.

"We’re just so thankful for the generosity and support that our Booster Club has given to our students and coaches," said SISD Athletic Director Tommy Hudspeth. "They have stepped up to donate items that our students will benefit greatly from."

In the past two months, the SHS Athletic Booster Club donated pullovers, hats and headbands to the boys and girls golf teams; winter-weather parkas to the girls soccer team; athlete recognition posters for the volleyball team that hang on the gym wall; weight equipment repair and restoration; and a painting face-lift of the turf barn.

"The SHS Athletic Booster Club supports 17 athletic programs at Sherman High School," said Jimmy Mrozinski, Booster Club Board member and past president. "We’re here to support all our athletes and coaches, and we’re always looking for ways to enhance their experiences and provide encouragement in whatever ways we can."

The Athletic Booster Club supports hundreds of student athletes at SHS, and the Boosters — most of them parents of high school students themselves — have lots of ideas on how to support students both on and off the field.

"We’d love to get more parents involved in the Booster Club," said Booster Board Member Willie Steele. "The more parents and members we can get involved, the more support we can provide our students."

According to Athletic Booster Club members, that kind of support can be provided to the students in many different ways. From gear to equipment to recognition to training opportunities — they are always looking for ways to bolster support and provide resources for student athletes.

Booster Club member Tammy Mrozinski pinpointed the primary benefit in joining the Athletic Boosters: "The strength of our membership is directly related to the amount of resources we’re able to provide our students year after year. When our participation and involvement increases with parents and businesses, then our support increases for all 17 of the programs that we cover."

For more information about the SHS Athletic Booster Club, click on "Athletic Booster Club" under the "Athletics" tab on the district website ( or call the SHS Athletics Department at 903-891-6453. Memberships range from $25-$300.