1. What are your qualifications for this position?

1. What are your qualifications for this position?

I am a certified Peace officer, currently working with Grayson County Sheriff’s Office in Collections/Deputy Sheriff. I have work with the different justices of the peace in Grayson County for the past eight years. As a certified peace officer, I received formal training regarding the civil and criminal procedures and law that is required. I am bilingual and have assisted Grayson County Justices of the Peace in their work at the jail and in court.

2. Why are you seeking the position of Justice of the Peace?

I am seeking this position because of it truancy obligations. I want to take consideration in each case that is brought before me so that I can best address the unique problems they face. I want to help educate and empower the parents in their children’s quest for an education. I want to be a familiar presence in each of the schools that are in my precinct. I intend to involve the people from the community in assisting with at risk children and developing a list and mentors and resources available to assist with various needs of these families.

3. What are the most important duties of the Justice of the Peace?

The Justice of the Peace courts have original jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanors cases with fine only and Small Claims court cases where the amount in controversy does not exceed $10,000. The Justice of the Peace may also issue warrants for arrest plus search and seizure warrants. The Justice of the Peace has jurisdiction on truancy cases in Van Alstyne, Gunter and Howe ISD’s . AS a Justice of the Peace they are also responsible for conducting death inquests. Another important duty is the Justice of the Peace they also conduct administrative and magistrate hearings, which include bail settings and arraignments.