Candidates seeking office in the March primary filed campaign finance reports recently that covered the period between Jan. 1 and Jan. 24.

Candidates seeking office in the March primary filed campaign finance reports recently that covered the period between Jan. 1 and Jan. 24.

Early voting for the election starts Feb. 18 and continues through Feb. 28. Voters can cast early ballots at the Grayson County Courthouse, 100 W. Houston in Sherman; Grayson County sub-courthouse, 101 W. Woodard in Denison; Pottsboro Independent School District Administration Building, 105 Cardinal Lane in Pottsboro; Whitesboro City Hall, 111 W. Main in Whitesboro; and at Grayson College, 1455 W. Van Alstyne Parkway, in Van Alstyne. Each of the previous locations will be open on each day of early voting and any registered Grayson County voter may use any one of the locations. Voters may cast ballots from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feb. 18 through 21 and on Feb. 22. Ballots may be cast from noon to 5 p.m. on Feb. 23 and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feb. 24 through Feb. 28. All voters must present photo identification to vote.

In the race to see who will replace retiring Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum, the finance report showed former Sherman Mayor Bill Magers took in more contributions than any other candidate for the reporting period. Magers reported $12,095 in contributions and $8,045 in expenditures. Current Grayson County Treasurer Trent Bass reported collecting $4,581 in contributions and listed $3,803 in expenditures. Former Grayson County Commissioner Gene Short listed $4,075 in contributions and $2,866 in expenditures. Jim Maddock listed $2,680 in contributions and $3,561 in expenditures.

All four of the Republicans itemized some contributors. Magers listed the following: Greg and Lisa Dee of Sherman, $100; Roger Thiltgen, $1,000; Beth Graham, $400; Larry Cruise of Sherman, $100; Charles Glass of Sherman, $100; John White of Sherman, $100; Bill Benton of Van Alstyne, $500; Jo Ann Osburn of Sherman; Sam Wilson of Sherman, $100; Bill Douglas of Sherman, $250; Mark Barrett of Sherman, $300; Charles Strunck of Denison, $300; Mike Wright of Denison, $150; David Means of Denison, $150; David Stone of Sherman, $250; Marshall Warren of Plano, $2,000; Mike Foster of Sherman, $2,500; Paul Boduvsky of Sherman; $100; Keith Gary of Sherman, $250; Tim Welch, $250; Chip Pelley of Sherman, $500; Bob Trost of Dallas, $1,000; David Dean of Dallas, $250 and Nathan McGoush of Dallas, $500. Magers also listed a loan to his campaign of $50,000 from himself.

Bass listed contributions from the following: Lou Jones of Sherman, $500; Rita and Dr. Jim Gay of Sherman, $300; Robert Rowland of Sherman, $150; David Robinson of Sherman, $200; James Carlson of California, $100; Sam Dilbeck of Coriscana, $100; Brian Mantzey of McKinney, $75; Kelly Christensen of Sherman, $250; Bruce Cranfil of North Carolina, $500; Tracy Goins of Bells, $431 in sign materials; Esther and Dr. Tim Brumit of Denison, $150; Matt Muirhead of Denison, $1,000; Walker Fady of Collinsville, $100 and Sharon Brazeal of Van Alstyne, $100.

Short listed contributions from the following: Al Zorrilla of Sherman, $200; Darius Maggi of Denison, $300; Donald and Barbara Galstrep of Howe, $100; Gerald and Cozy Peddicord of Pottsboro, $100; Paul and Michelle Bailey of Sherman, $100; Kent and Karen Black of Pottsboro, $500; Carol Shaffer of Denison, $100; Horace and Jeanne Groff of Denison, $250; Andy Wilkins of Denison, $500; Jerry and Johnny Culpepper of Sherman, $100; Gerry Pate of Magnolia $250; and Jennie Taraborelli of the Woodlands, $1,500.

Maddock reported contributions from the following: Robbie Dutton of Whitesboro, $200; Barry and Carol Wood of Collinsville, $100; Bob Mears of Sherman, $200; Patricia Chitwod of Sherman, $100; Dr. Gene and Gwen Huff of Whitesboro, $100; Danny and Donna Sluder of Whitesboro, $100; Jamie and Melissa Maddock, $500; Brad and Kathleen Maddock of Colorado, $500; Tom Byler of Southmayd, $200; Jerry and Brenda Warren of Whitesboro, $100; Dr. David Davis of Howe and Dorothy and Lacy Harber of Denison, $250.

Justice of the Peace Precinct 2

Thomas Roesler, Mike Springer and Jeff Stanley all filed the required report. Springer listed $1,200 in contributions and $2,155 in expenditures. Springer listed two, $500 contributions from himself to his campaign and $200 from Jerry Hatfield of Denison. Jeff Stanley listed $150 in contributions and no spending. He listed a $150 contribution from David Davis of Fairview and $50 from Jerry Park of Howe.

Roesler’s report indicated he had taken in $90 in contributions and spent $90. He listed no specific contributors.

Grayson County Treasurer

Two women who would like to replace Trent Bass as Grayson County Treasurer both filed reports for the most recent reporting period.

Starr Stanley reported $1,300 in contributions and the same amount in spending for the period. She listed a number of people who gave contributions of $50 and $25 each, but the Herald Democrat does not itemize contributions of less than $75. Stanley also listed a $100 contribution from Cary Park of Sherman.

Gayla Hawkins didn’t itemize any contributions but listed $100 in spending.