1. What are you qualifications for this office and why are you seeking this office?

1. What are you qualifications for this office and why are you seeking this office?

For 24 years, I served Grayson County as one of its longest-tenured servants in a County Commissioner’s position. I had the opportunity to work closely with leaders from all the Grayson County cities, as a member of the Metropolitan Planning organization. I proposed and the Commissioner’s Court adopted a countywide 20% homestead exemption which saves locals millions of dollars in taxes each year. My contributions as Commissioner were many and I feel I can make

2. The Texas Open Meetings Act requires business that comes before the Commissioners Court, in both open and closed sessions, to be publicly posted in sufficient detail to alert the public to issues of interest to them. What would you do to improve the commissioners’ compliance with this act?

Transparency is of utmost importance when acting in a leadership role elected by the people, for the people. Strict compliance of the Open Meetings Act is paramount for our county leadership. The position of Grayson County Judge should be committed to the proper informing of our citizens, and should be the official that makes sure that the Commissioner’s Court is in strict compliance with the Open Meetings Act. There are severe penalties for not complying with this Act. As County Judge, I would make sure that the Commissioner’s Court agenda is posted properly and reads clearly as to what the Court will be considering during the posted meeting. Each agenda item should have supporting documents that is available to the public. Executive sessions (closed meetings) should only be held after strict conservative interpretations to the exceptions for public meetings.

3. Question: Would you support creating a Grayson County Mental Health court similar to the Drug and Family Law courts and/or establish a position for a Mental Health Officer? Please explain.

The greatest challenge the county has is to balance the ever increasing demand for county services and available resources with our growing population. The county has greater needs than our taxpayers have the ability to pay. The county is constantly called upon to find ways to provide for increased services with the tax dollars that are available. I would work with Mental Health Mental Retardation organization to ensure those that need help are getting the proper care and treatment. It is in the best interest of the county that those citizens with mental health issues do not fall into our judicial system. We would need to weigh the cost of the program against the benefits for the county and those individuals receiving services.

4. Question: Do you support the establishment of a Veterans Court in Grayson County? Please explain.

While Veterans’ Courts in various states have fostered an unprecedented cooperation between our judicial system and the Veterans Administration, I believe Texas and our county works well with liaisons of the VA amid our active court system, which work daily to help rehabilitate our justice-connected veterans. Eight of Texas’ larger counties have established such courts in this specialized field. There could come a time where the need would be great enough, as support for our veterans must be diligent. We would need to weigh the cost of the program against the benefits for the county and those Veterans receiving services.