1. What are your qualifications for this office and why are you seeking this office?

1. What are your qualifications for this office and why are you seeking this office?

Experienced leader and professional manager with 26 years of Federal Service, retired USAF Colonel qualified in: systems management, budgeting, strategic planning, operations and program management, and operational training. Education: BBA in Mgt, MS in Systems Mgt, MAS in Advanced Military Studies, MS in National Security Strategy. Seeking office to: improve county services and strategic decision-making; focus funding priorities on "essential" services (e.g., roads, bridges); provide leadership that embodies the call to public service, not self-interest.

2. The Texas Open Meetings Act requires business that comes before the Commissioners Court, in both open and closed sessions, to be publically posted in sufficient detail to alert the public to issues of interest to them. What would you do to improve commissioners’ compliance with this act?

Transparency is a serious issue. The "majority" on the Court have not provided citizens needed information related to key issues and business before the court. Typically, there is so little discussion as to suggest they had already made decisions thus defeating the need for an open meeting. Therefore, full and accurate information from Court members is the first requirement. Second, the meeting agenda should be posted a minimum of two weeks prior to the session, with greater detail, and posted as a full and separate page on the county website. The current door posting and website search methods are clearly inadequate. Finally, the Court needs to be proactive in ensuring "all" concerned parties are present for business, and "invite" businesses and concerned citizens with practice or expertise to the Court to hear their respective inputs.

3. Would you support creating a Grayson County Mental Health court similar to the Drug and Family Law courts and/or establish a position for a Mental Health Officer? Please explain.

No. First, our existing county courts and judges are excellent and fully capable of balancing the requirements of the law and citizens with mental health issues. What our existing courts need are more resources and rehabilitation options for mental health cases. I would prefer a regional or State health center solution where more comprehensive evaluation and treatment options are provided. The same holds true for a single Mental Health Officer. I would be willing to work with any citizen and our State Representative on mental health legislative options. Second, we do not need to turn our county court system into another social services program. The lines between administering the law and rehabilitative social services need to remain clear. Finally, as a small county with less than 150 thousand citizens, I have not seen any data to suggest the case load would support the cost of an additional county court.

4. Do you support the establishment of a Veterans Court in Grayson County? Please explain.

For the same reasons above, I do not support a Veterans Court. As a disabled veteran and former commander, I am intimately familiar with the challenges veterans face and the unique combat and environmental issues not seen in civilian life. I believe the Veterans Administration should be first in line to help our vets. The best option is a regional drug and health treatment center in Bonham, so our existing county courts have additional options for veterans with service connected disabilities. I will work with our US Congressman and any citizen to build a center at the Bonham VA.