1. What are your qualifications for this position?

1. What are your qualifications for this position?

I have been a deputy with the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office for 34 years, where I now serve with the rank of lieutenant. I am currently assigned as the supervisor of the Civil Section where I have 15 years of experience. One area of responsibility of the Civil Section is the service of civil papers, including writs and citations that have been issued by the courts. The section served 3,325 civil papers in 2013, and collected

2. Why are you seeking the position of Justice of the Peace?

Serving as the Justice of Peace will allow me to immediately put my knowledge and experience to work in the community. My background will give me a jump start in understanding civil process, signing and issuing papers, and running a Justice Court. I have worked for years in the Boy Scouts of America. I want the young people in the community to know that I will continue to be an open line of communication for them. As Justice of the Peace I will just be wearing a different suit.

3. What are the most important duties of the Justice of the Peace?

When serving as a "Justice of Peace" you have a long list of legal duties and responsibilities. I don’t want to just list duties in order of priority. A J.P. may be the only judge that a community member has contact with. Consequently, I believe that the primary duty is to treat all parties with respect. The cases heard may be a misdemeanor by law, but its importance is major to both claimant and defendant. The single most important duty of a JP is set and run a court docket in a timely manner. All types of cases are presented.