Whitesboro resident Jim Maddock recently added his name to the list of people running for Grayson County judge in the 2014 Republican Primary.

Whitesboro resident Jim Maddock recently added his name to the list of people running for Grayson County judge in the 2014 Republican Primary.

Maddock and his wife Terry have been Grayson County residents for 32 and have two grown sons, Jamie and Brad. The couple lived in Sherman for 21 years and then moved to Whitesboro, where they have lived for the past 11 years.

Maddock is a retired registered professional engineer and spent 26 years of his career with Texas Instruments and Raytheon Co. He managed engineering and manufacturing operations in Sherman and Denison in the 1980s. In the 1990s, Maddock said in a prepared statement, he began leading continuous improvement activities involving all of TI’s defense business operations across Texas. After Raytheon’s acquisition of both TI’s Defense Systems and Electronics groups and Hughes Aircraft Co. in 1997, Maddock’s role expanded to helping to integrate the three companies and deploy best practices across Raytheon businesses nationwide.

After retiring in 2003, Maddock entered the consulting field, assisting clients using the same skills he honed with TI and Raytheon. His clients included Xerox, Naval Air Systems Command, the U.S. Army and others. Focusing on service and transactional processes with these enterprises, Maddock said he helped the businesses reduce the cost of their operations by focusing on the root cause drivers of inefficiencies.

Maddock said he is a strong proponent of teamwork. He believes that gaining the trust of the employees, as well as peers, is the first step to finding and eliminating waste in any enterprise, government or commercial. He believes the employees of Grayson County already know where many of the problems lie.

"We need to listen to them, gain their trust and support, and they will lead us to the these problems, so we can eliminate them," he said. "The Navy and the Army both learned that the operational best practices of teamwork, managing by facts and data, root cause analysis and continuous improvement are just as applicable to government and service organizations as they are to manufacturing organizations. They learned that managing costs by focusing only on the bottom line is not nearly as effective as understanding the root causes that drive cost. Eliminating obstacles to efficiency and effectiveness is how we reduce the bottom line costs. We must let the employees and the data lead us to these problems."

Maddock said the job of county judge is a complex one and he believes his 40 years of experience in leadership, teamwork, management and engineering provide him the background needed to address these complexities and help Grayson County prepare for the future growth that is expected. For more information about Maddock and his goals visit http://JamesMaddock.com.