Trent Bass said he entered the race for Grayson County judge for the same reason he ran for treasurer four years ago: He wants to make a difference in local government.

Trent Bass said he entered the race for Grayson County judge for the same reason he ran for treasurer four years ago: He wants to make a difference in local government.

After becoming treasurer in 2011, Bass said he immediately found ways to reduce costs for the county. "I noticed the Treasurer’s Office had been budgeting for banking fees that I determined we could eliminate with a few minor process changes," he said.

The Office of Treasurer is important for the taxpayer because it is the hub for all of the county’s financial activity, Bass said in a prepared statement. Every department within the county brings the money they collect to the treasurer. This insight into the detailed operations of the county, Bass said, make him uniquely qualified to be County Judge.

"I have a list of specific opportunities I’ve identified to start working my first day in office," he said.

Bass took a lead role in working with the Commissioners Court during the recent State Highway 289 bond refinance process, which will save taxpayers over $1 million in interest for the life of those bonds. During this process, Bass advocated to keep the business local.

"Finance is my background and understanding how we can get the most out of every tax dollar we spend is a passion for me. We have to remember we are spending other people’s money, and they expect us to critically evaluate every transaction," said Bass. "Government policy makers should never begin a discussion with, ‘How much do we have to spend?’"

Bass was a former financial adviser and said he understands the value of building teamwork to accomplish goals. Teamwork is one of the cornerstones of his platform. He said he believes teamwork will result in cost savings and the potential for higher efficiency between the departments.

"The business of the County is ‘service.’ … There is already outstanding work going on at the County on all levels, and with teamwork we can improve processes between the departments which benefits them specifically and the taxpayer in general. When this happens I am hopeful that taxes can be lowered wisely, which is a campaign promise."

Bass said he plans to have an open-door policy and be available to all county employees. He said he will provide for more transparency, which will benefit taxpayers and employees. "Many employees have suggested ways to make the discussions of Commissioner’s Court more accessible. I propose we will immediately work toward video-recorded Court sessions available to view on the County website," Bass said.

He said employee input can lead to more cost reductions and improved services offered. "When validating the input from employees and taxpayers, we will promote teamwork within the system," Bass said.

Bass delayed his entrance into the race due to a law that restricts officeholders from entering a race for a different office within a year plus 30 days of expiration of his term of office. "It would be a disservice to the taxpayer for me to quit early on the job they elected me to do 4 years ago," he said.

Bass has brought technology to his campaign that will allow voters to follow him via text message by texting the word JUDGE to 77948. Voters can find him on Facebook and his website,

"I plan to use these forms of communication to connect with taxpayers and county employees when I’m elected," Bass said. "Technology will help the county in many ways if we will embrace it, and it has helped me reduce costs in my office."

Bass plans to fulfill his term as treasurer.