Aive days after TAPS Public Transit

Five days after TAPS Public Transit missed payroll for 151 of its employees — 140 in operations and 11 in facilities and maintenance — the organization announced Tuesday that it would be cutting paychecks for half of the money owed to employees.

"We have received some of our funding and while it is not ideal, we will be able to issue checks today for half of your payroll," the organization wrote in an email sent to employees Tuesday afternoon. "For example, if you worked 80 hours, you will be paid today for 40 hours. The remaining payroll will be issued as soon as the rest of our expected funding is received."

The email went on to say the company did not know when the balance of the funds owed to employees would be paid.

"We have been told that a large sum from our Medicaid billing is due in our account by COB (close of business) on Thursday," the email said.

Checks began being distributed around 4 p.m. Tuesday in Sherman, but employees in McKinney had to wait for a courier to arrive with their paychecks. Since missing payroll on Nov. 5, which was the third missed payroll for some employees in as many weeks, TAPS has been sending daily email updates to employees — and the media — to keep them informed of the organization’s progress.

The next TAPS board of directors meeting is at 1 p.m. on Friday at the Workforce Texoma Building.