POTTSBORO — Individuals looking to retire in Pottsboro face a common problem.

POTTSBORO — Individuals looking to retire in Pottsboro face a common problem.

"We are lacking in retirement housing in this area," Pottsboro Chamber President-Elect Denis Boquist said at last month’s Chamber of Commerce meeting. "We don’t have any, basically."

Boquist is working to officially make Pottsboro a retirement community with the Pottsboro Area Development Alliance, but meanwhile Tanglewood Resort, located near Pottsboro, might have a solution of their own for a smaller scale.

Tanglewood General Manager Greg Dick shared some of Tanglewood’s plans to build a community of patio homes for current or hopeful Pottsboro residents.

"It’s a residential subdivision, pretty much like any other," Dick said. "We’re in a resort community close to the lake, close to Highport Marina, close to all these wonderful amenities and of course part of Pottsboro, which we think is a great community with great schools. It’s just a really attractive environment to live in."

The first phase of Lone Oak, the new subdivision, will have 39 lots with houses from 1,700 to 3,000 square feet.

"We’re trying to do everything first-class with concrete streets, curbs, sidewalks, cart paths for the carts to get around and just make it a relaxed, fun first-class environment," Dick said.

He added that with the recent completion of Tanglewood Crossing and local businesses opening around the resort, Lone Oak would be a place for those looking for smaller homes with close proximity to businesses in the area.

"It’s close to a new commercial area we have, which includes a restaurant, a spa, an insurance office, a health clinic, a chiropractor, a real estate office and a title company," Dick said. "We’re going to try to make it a golf-cart type thing, where once you get home from work, hopefully you don’t have to get in your car again. You can kind of get anywhere you need to get or do anything you need to do with your golf cart."

Dick said that with the real estate market’s improving, he viewed this as another way to add interest to the Pottsboro area.

"It feels like the real estate market is better, we have people who have a little more optimistic view than they have in the last few years," Dick said. "… Texas is a great place to live and I think Grayson County is one of the best places in Texas to live, and I think people would be interested in moving this way if they are retired."

Dick said this subdivision is ideal for people who have lived in Dallas and want to be close, but want to be out of the rat race, or anyone from the area as well who has a larger home and is looking to downsize.

"It just feels like the time is right and Grayson County real estate’s been on the upswing," he said.

Hotel and Marketing Director Marsha Cordle said at the August Chamber of Commerce meeting that she expects the new housing to bring in more employment opportunities for the community.

"We’re going to take care of the grounds, the facilities that are up there, things like that," she said. "It’s still in the works, of course, we just kind of need to see what’s going to happen."

The price tags for the Lone Oak subdivision range from $180,000 to $350,000, depending on size and customizations. Dick said he expects the lots for the first phase of the community to be sold within three or four years. Progress is being made relatively soon, however, as Dick said construction on model homes and custom homes for several individuals who have already bought a patio home is set to begin within 30 days, with those buyers moving in possibly by the beginning of the new year.

"The great thing about Pottsboro is it’s a great place to retire, but it’s not a retirement community," Dick said. "The thing that people love here is there is so many things to get involved in … and people like to be involved, and when you come into a retirement community … you don’t have those things. That’s what Pottsboro is; it’s a community."