When Charles Carter met Vincent Smith for the first time, Smith was coming to help him. A few weeks later, however, Mr. Carter was dead.

When Charles Carter met Vincent Smith for the first time, Smith was coming to help him. A few weeks later, however, Mr. Carter was dead.

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office said that Mr. Carter, 44, was shot by Smith, 62, on Monday evening. Mr. Carter died of a gunshot wound to the head on Smith’s property in the 500 block of Cedar Oaks Drive near Pottsboro. Both Smith and Mr. Carter were living on the property and were said to be friends. On Thursday GCSO said no additional details were available into the shooting that led to Mr. Carter’s death.

Just before Christmas, Mr. Carter met Vincent Smith for the first time, with Smith coming to his aid. Mr. Carter and his close friend Mandy Sulser found themselves homeless in December, and Smith took them in, Sulser said Thursday in an interview with the Herald Democrat. She said Mr. Carter had lost his job in Greenville and was living with Sulser out of the back of her Ford Explorer. She said they had to pawn everything they had to survive.

Through a Facebook friend, Sulser and Mr. Carter were put in touch with Smith, who helped Mr. Carter buy back his belongings from a pawnshop. Sulser said Smith spent more than $1,000 helping them get back their things. Ultimately Mr. Carter and Sulser came to live in a motor home on Smith’s property.

"It was a great start," Sulser said. "And it had all been great up until a week or so ago. Tensions were getting high and tense between not only me and Vincent, but between Charles and Vincent. And it’s like the more Charles would try the more tense it got from Vincent."

She said a possible reason why tensions were running high was due to control over a Facebook page. Both men were founders of "Paul Revere 2016: Final March to Restore America," a far-right, anti-corruption march on Washington, D.C. planned for June. The march has the "final aim at removing the corrupt leadership that has taken over our beloved country and ousted her God and constitution," Smith wrote on the organization’s website. Smith wrote the march would start on the West Coast and gain momentum as it continued cross-country until reaching the final destination of the District of Columbia.

Sulser was not present when the shooting took place Monday evening. She had left the property that morning to be with her family in Tyler. She said the night before, Smith had told her and Mr. Carter that they needed to leave.

"I wasn’t in the house whenever he (Smith) told him (Mr. Carter to leave), I was outside in the RV getting ready for bed, and Charles came in and told me that Vincent told him that we had to leave, that we couldn’t be there anymore," Sulser said. "He was tired of us being there. He couldn’t be around Charles anymore and we had to go."

After a night making phone calls to relocate, Sulser left the next morning, while Mr. Carter made plans to travel to Colorado to look for work. She said Smith had agreed to drive Mr. Carter to Amarillo, where Mr. Carter would meet a friend who would drive him the rest of the way to Colorado.

The two never made it. As Sulser was Mr. Carter’s next of kin, Texas Rangers drove to her Monday night to break the news about Mr. Carter’s death. She said she was in shock at the time the Rangers told her, but can recall some details about the event.

"The Texas Ranger, he was telling me that they were investigating the death of Charles Carter and at this time they’re not sure, but it looks like a possible self-defense," Sulser said.

She said the Rangers questioned her about Mr. Carter’s drinking habits.

"And I told the officer, when he asked me, ‘Does he drink? Does he ever get violent or anything? Was he ever violent with you?’

"And I said ‘No, sir,’" Sulser said. "I was quick to answer. I was very direct, because he’s not once in 11 years, not one time (been violent)."

GCSO Lt. Sarah Bigham said the incident is still under investigation. "I cannot comment as to whether Charles Carter was under the influence," she said.

The Dallas County Medical Examiners Office said Thursday the toxicology and autopsy reports are still in progress.

The sheriff’s office said Smith has not been charged with a crime and it appeared to be an isolated incident. No other people were involved in the shooting. Once the investigation is complete, the sheriff’s office said all information would be sent to the district attorney’s office to decide whether charges against Smith are necessary.