BONHAM — The Fannin County Commissioners Court Monday discussed, among other agenda items, maintenance work projects and a few proclamations.

BONHAM — The Fannin County Commissioners Court Monday discussed, among other agenda items, maintenance work projects and a few proclamations.

Early in the meeting, the Court voted to approve a proclamation making Feb. 16 - 22 "Texas Food Connection Week." According to the text of the proclamation, its purpose is to "call upon all Americans to join in recognizing and reflecting upon the strength of our diverse agricultural industry and in celebrating the benefits of agriculture with appropriate observances and activities."

Commissioners started their discussion of maintenance projects with the need to replace a water heater at the South Annex County Building. Two restrooms in the building are currently without hot water. County Purchasing Agent Jill Holmes presented the issue to the Court.

"There’s not a hot water heater there and there hasn’t been one since 2001," Holmes said, "The approximate cost is going to be about $1,000 to get everything done that we need to do in order to get hot water into those two public restrooms back there."

The Court ultimately approved installing a new water heater in the South Annex County Building.

Next, the Court discussed signage for the South Annex County Building to include Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1 and the Bond Supervision offices. There are two signs that need to be updated with this information, Holmes said. County Treasurer Mike Towery told the Court how this would impact the County’s budget.

"If you improve the signs, that would make it about $1,768 short, and we’d probably need another $500 for repair and maintenance issues that happen. So the only place I think we have left is to take it out of contingency," Towery said.

The Court approved using the contingency fund to revise the signs.

Valreé Thompson, president of the Municipal Consulting Agency in Leonard, presented the next few agenda items to the Court. The first was a resolution to adopt a Section 3 policy for the County. The policy would ensure that, when there are contracting opportunities in the County, preference would be given to low-income persons for employment.

"This would really apply to you if you got an economic development grant. Let’s say we had a company come into Fannin County or Bonham and they’re going to be employing 30 people. Then we would have to identify if you had any Section 3 residents who might be interested in long-term employment," Thompson said.

The Court voted to adopt a local Section 3 Policy.

Thompson then presented the Excessive Force Resolution. She explained that, in a nutshell, the resolution means that if there are non-violent protesters at the courthouse, the Commissioners cannot bar them from entering the building. The Court approved the Excessive Force Resolution.

Finally, Thompson presented a Section 504 Grievance Procedures Policy. The Court approved it.

The Court also approved:

• requesting a certified structural engineer to inspect the County Courthouse building;

• using the current District Clerk’s office as a conference room and moving the District Clerk and Chief Deputy to that location;

• the bid process for asphalt that is needed for County precinct barns; and

• the Fannin County Auditor’s monthly reports for January 2014.