I get all kinds of product promotions in my email. Most I trash, but once in a while, one grabs my attention. One just did.

I get all kinds of product promotions in my email. Most I trash, but once in a while, one grabs my attention. One just did.

The ad said this miraculous new invention was a must-have gadget for every home. I couldn’t think of a single device (other than a battery-powered corkscrew) that I didn’t already have that would make my life better. I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

What was this fabulous thing? A talking first aid kit! That’s right, folks. There’s a first aid kit that has a built-in medical expert that talks you through emergencies from CPR, bleeding and shock to calamities with bones, stings, bites, burns and other injuries. The kit also includes all types of first aid supplies so that you can make the needed repair, if you will, while listening to the instructions. I think there are also written how-tos in case the kit’s batteries die in the middle of tending to bleeding, broken or burned body parts.

It’s my understanding that, when disaster strikes, all one has to do is pick out which "talking instruction card" goes with said uh-oh. You then possibly insert it into the kit — I couldn’t find specific instructions — and you become a regular Florence Nightingale.

It might indeed be helpful to have immediate, supposedly reliable instructions on first aid. That’s assuming, of course, that there’s someone there calm enough to listen and follow instructions. Unfortunately, in most of my experiences with injuries, I was the most relaxed person there … and I was usually the injured party! Trust me. It’s a little difficult to properly stabilize a broken bone, stop bleeding or ease a dozen yellow jacket stings to the head when it’s your own body. Personally, I’d probably be better off just wrapping the injury in duct tape while listening to the Eagles.

What’s the price of this first aid jewel? About $150, give or take a few dollars. I probably could’ve used the kit’s "audible shock pack" after I saw that price tag.

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