Every resident of Massey Road recently signed a petition wanting to change the speed limit on the road, Grayson County Commissioner Jeff Whitmire said Tuesday morning during the weekly meeting of the Grayson County Commissioners. And, Whitmire and his colleagues on the court decided to honored that request this week.

The change will take the speed limit on the road in Precinct 1 near Gunter from 45 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour.

Whitmire said the county just recently rebuilt the road so it is now wider and smoother and people are driving fast on it. He said the road has also experienced a growth in the amount of traffic due to the population growth in that area. This is not the first time the court or Whitmire has approved such changes. County commissioners are allowed to make such changes by the Texas Transportation Code Section 215.152.

Grayson County Judge Bill Magers teased that there would be a law enforcement person set up on the road by the morning to catch those who were speeding, but Grayson County Commissioner Phyllis James said that isn’t a concern because it is going to take them some time to get the signs posted for the change.

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