Last month, I had the opportunity to participate in a project that has allowed Grayson County to be seen on a national level. Besides the subject, which is timely and relevant, the project allowed me to ask important questions: Why does it matter and why should people outside of Grayson County care?

For me, the answers center around globalization and the meaning of community. When we communicate, the fact that people around the world hear us is pretty cool. Just as well, any opportunities to say we in Grayson County have a voice, should not be missed.

We are a group of Americans and immigrants. We are Texans by birth and Texans by choice. We are Texomans.

All of those things are special and the pride within those pieces of our identities should be shared.

As it relates to some of the biggest topics and events of 2020, Grayson County has the choice to speak up about how we are affected. This project was a singular way in which we could do that.

So, Gannett, the parent company of the Herald Democrat and the USA Today Network, have been curating a series of projects titled, "Justice in my Town."

Released just this week, the second wave of the project is on the "Faces of Activism." Twelve individuals from small or mid-sized towns around the nation have been recognized for their roles in movements devoted to change.

On the front page of today’s paper, you will find Sherman’s contribution to the project. In the B section of the paper, you will find the features on all of the other activists who were recognized during this portion of project.

For more on the "Justice in my Town" project or to voice your opinion, email