Several agreements related to mowing services for city-owned properties were formalized in Denison Monday. The City Council unanimously approved three agreements for services for city property, utility lots and Texoma Health Foundation Park.

This action formalizes agreements which were initially agreed upon in October 2019 for mowing throughout the current fiscal year.

"As you may be aware, the city of Denison entered into this agreement with S.F. Landscaping in 2019 for the routine mowing and maintenance of city of Denison-owned properties," Parks Superintendent Chip Egger said.

Two of the agreements that were approved Monday were with S.F. Landscaping. For these items, Mayor Janet Gott recused herself from the discussion and vote.

In previous agreements with S.F. Landscaping, Gott has recused herself, noting that Stephen Fulenchek, owner of the company, is married to her niece.

The city initially contracted with Fulenchek for mowing services for city-owned property in February of 2019. The agreement included four possible yearly renewals.

The first renewal extended the initial agreement from Oct. 1, 2019 through Sept. 30, 2020. While the extension was agreed upon in 2019, it still required approval by the city council.

"This is the formal documentation of that amendment," Egger said.

The extension will see the mowing costs increase by $2.5 percent, or $5,615, for a total contract price of $230,215.

The city also approved a second agreement with Fulenchek for an extension of a contract for mowing of utility lots. Like the previous agreement, this was also initially approved in October 2019.

"The major difference is that the sites in this agreement are utility sites, small lots and other city-owned properties," Egger said.

Like the previous agreement, the renewal increased the cost of mowing services by 2.5 percent, or $1.704, for a total agreement of $69,864.

The third and final extension approved Monday was with Dyna-Mist Construction for the maintenance of THF Park.

Unlike the previous agreements, Dyna-Mist did not increase the cost in the extension, leaving it at $268,531 for the fiscal year.

"Dyna-Mist has met or exceeded the expected level of performance for services provided at T.H.F. Park. Dyna-Mist started maintenance on T.H.F. Park as soon as the park was completed. They have continued to offer a premium service at a cost that falls within the established budget of the park," city staff said in Monday’s meeting documents.

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