This is a tale of two mornings fishing and one "Hold my beer and watch this" day. Monday after taking Ginger on her morning ride I came back and went fishing. I’m having to break in a new lower unit for my boat motor. I have to put five hours on it at 1,200 RPMs with an occasional speed up to 2,000, then slow it back.

You have any idea how big Texoma is if you can only go 1,200 RPMs?. I didn’t stray far from our ramp. I got on the east side of Little Mineral ready to catch some stripers. After getting bit — actually finned — by one, I got striper fever.

The stripers were a no-show and I couldn’t drive around looking for them at a crawl. Putting down my striper rod I picked up my topwater rod and went bass hunting.

Now my summer topwater lure choice is pretty simple: a Black Silver Rebel Pop R, a Flitter Shad Heddon Zara Spook and a no-longer-made Excalibur topwater. After two fishing trips I have another favorite: a Heddon Swimming Image, Thread fin Shad color. This bait is perfect for calmer water as it can be retrieved slow and looks just like a shad on top with only its back showing.

It has a gentle side to side movement; It’s the most realistic-looking shad lure you could ask for. I slowly moved around trying different places and lures. I was fishing rock points. I had made a cast close to the bank with that lure and was just wakening it along when it disappeared. There had been a water disturbance just before it went under and jerks are free.

This jerk set the hook and a big swirl of water and splashing a heavy bass was in the middle of it. It went down and my drag kicked in. I was letting my drag do the work when all at once my line broke. That big bass had my lure and I didn’t have another. I tied on a Zara Spook and was fishing in the same area when a big bass came two-thirds out of the water shaking its head and as I watched my lure came flying out of his mouth and he was gone.

When I picked my lure up I had probably 30 foot of line still tied to it. My line had broken way back on the spool, not at the lure knot. After tying it back on I moved on around that rocky point. Another bass jumped on it. While this bass looked like he was a three or four-pound fish it didn’t hold a candle to the monster that I had seen take my lure.

It was getting hotter and I was ready to go in but on the way back I stopped at I more place and the Swimming Image scored again with a two-pound bass. That was it. I had caught caught but they were all good ones, actually two because the big one I didn’t get in.

Tuesday morning was a perfect day to be outside, it was cool and hardly any wind. While Susan gave Ginger her ride, I put the boat in the water and went fishing. On the way out I was passed up by two turtles and family of ducks, 1,200 RPMs just isn’t really speedy. There were some small stripers that came up in the mouth of our cove; I played with them for a while before moving on. I should have stayed.

I caught a small bass on the Swimming Image at my next stop. Then it was move and fish. I didn’t get another bite. At 10 a.m. I decided to call it quits. On the way back I stopped at one more place. This is where I found out Texoma has flying fish.

One of the best things about living at the lake is you see things that you never have before. I was fishing an old boat ramp with the wind blowing in when all at once fish began breaking. They were bass, not stripers. I made a cast and caught a little Kentucky bass.

For the next 15-20 minutes I did a lot of casting, retrieving and catching with the Heddon Swimming Image. While I was retrieving my lure with another small bass holding on to it, I saw a shad come flying out of the water and he sailed for about eight feet, and right behind him a Kentucky came flying out of the water and went about six feet before going back in. He looked like a freshwater dolphin.

Now I have seen bass come out of the water and crash down on a lure. I’ve seen bass knock a shad or lure in the air and looked like a Rangers shortstop as he caught it. But I had never seen one fly like this one did Wednesday. I stayed to about 11 a.m. when the fish finally went away.

Not a striper or sandbass was mixed in with them or if they were, they didn’t bite my lure. I’ve only got two more hours on my lower unit and I will be able to speed up in short dashes.

Here is a "Hold my Beer" funny for the day. Wednesday I went to a family graveside service at Cedar Lawn. I got there early because they were coming from Oklahoma. I might have got my times off a little.

Thinking I was late there was only one tent I could see and had people around it. I parked a good ways off, walked up and stopped fairly close under a shade tree. I took off my cap and was looking pious while I was attending the service. Someone from the funeral home came around with the book you sign so I signed up and he gave me one of those cards they give out at things like this.

It was a pretty good service except the preacher talked longer than I do. They had no idea who I was, I didn’t know who any of them were. I shook some hands before I left like I knew them. When they get around to sending thank you cards, I can see them looking at each other.

I finally found where the service I was supposed to attend was. There was no one around but it was the only other tent left. One of those shiny, big blocks with a big cement chair on top was close and after making sure it wasn’t a marker, I climbed up and sat in it because it was in the shade and I was the only person around.

I was sitting in the chair as the family and friends arrived. When I got down, I was telling my daughter about going to the other service. She and the others hearing me tell it went to laughing.

I didn’t know the pastor overheard my story and after we settled in to get started on the eulogy he turned and pointed his Good Book at me and said "this man has already attended another service today but it was the wrong one." That brought laughter to almost everyone. I liked the preacher who did this service. He lifted up everyone and kept the talking short. I don’t have to make up stuff like this — it just happens to me.

This past Saturday saw Future Bass hold their August Tournament out of Alberta Creek and 46 boats braved the heat. There were only 90 fish weighed in and 17 teams zeroed. There was a four-fish limit because of the hot weather. After 12th place the rest of the teams had single-digit fish weights.

Winning was Kelly Moon and Matt Malone with four fish totaling 14.02 pounds and big bass was a 5.51-pounder; second was Jim Fennell and Don McFarlin at 13.54 pounds; third was Bob Degraffen Reid and Josh Osborn at 13.05 pounds; fourth was Jeremy Whitson and Ryan Bergman with 11.59 pounds and fifth was Bruce and Bret Taylor at 11.36 pounds.

The long-running Little Dixie Bass Club's annual Little Dixie Classic open tournament in October will not be held this year for the second time in club history because of the coronavirus.