For the past two years, Jordan Foster, 28, of Sherman, has also become is an educator on wildlife, mainly in dealing snakes.

He actively searches for snakes to photograph them in their natural habitat and posts them on social media for the educational purposes to teach people how to identify snakes, what to do if they see one, and the impact snakes have on a healthy environment.

"I have spent thousands of hours learning information about them, how to properly identify them, and squashing both the absurd amount of misinformed facts I thought I knew about them, as well as my fear for them," he said. "Now, I have a passion for them that has grown from learning everything I could about them to teaching others about them. I help out on several local (and global) Facebook groups, and have actually spent the last 6 months studying snakes of South Africa after familiarizing myself with the majority of the US, although I still have studying to do."

Recently, Foster made a trip to West Texas for a week where he met up with some of his group friends and a mentor. They spent time combing through Davis Mountains exploring the unique snakes it has to offer.

This trip sparked a new passion to travel for herpetology. He hopes to visit Arizona next.

"The herpetofauna is so incredibly diverse and rich there, that it is for sure a hotspot on my radar," he said. "If I were to be able to travel outside of the US, it would likely be to South Africa, or possibly Asia. Both of those places really interest me as far as long-term goals."

While he has been fortunate enough to find others with his same passion he admits it took a while from his friends and family to come around. Growing up it was common for him to hear "the only good snake is a dead snake."

"I am happy to say that my family has become fully converted along with me and some of my friends are now starting to come around. My dad and I actually went out looking for, and found, a copperhead at our cabin up in the Kiamichi Mountains this recently, which is something that growing up I would've never imagined happening. It was amazing to have him following behind me and holding a flashlight for me as I photographed the beautiful specimen we found," said Foster.

Foster has a network of people in Grayson, Collin, Cookie, Fannin and surrounding counties that will drive to your property to relocate a snake, venomous or nonvenomous, free of charge.

"You may also feel free to send me a message regarding an identification. I can give you a prompt, and most importantly, an accurate identification to let you know if you have anything to worry about. "

Jordan does not typically sell his photos but is open to it if someone requests copies of them. He emphasizes he does not do this for monetary purposes but for the love of snakes and educating on their misunderstandings.

Jordan Foster can be reached on social media via Instagram: @Jordan_F_ or on