Bold, tropical prints, cutout swimwear and retro styles are all heating up the runway and making a statement as must-have pieces for summertime. We’re all familiar with summer wardrobe staples— think shorts, swimsuits, breathable fabrics, and bold color choices— but these 2020 trends are taking classic favorites and cyclical style, and transforming them with an updated twist. Whether you’re opting for the indoors to beat the sweltering Texas heat, are planning a true summer vaca or just hoping to catch some rays by the backyard pool, add these summer-inspired styles to your closet to turn up the heat on your outfits.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts have been popular and functional for decades as both athletic and athleisure wear (think back to 80s and 90s style), but have recently resurged as casual daywear, akin to leggings. Not only are these stretchy cutoffs perfect activewear, they’re comfy shorts great for lounging around, come in a plethora of colors— or classic black, versatile enough to be paired with everything— fabrics and lengths (from true short-shorts to just above knee-length). Go uber-casual with an oversized hoodie or t-shirt, or more chic with a blazer or light cardigan, sandals or denim jacket.

Brights + Neons

No surprise here— bright colors and neons are synonymous summer hues. Bold and eye-catching, brights and neons make a sure statement and add personality and “pop” to any outfit. However, they can be a bit tricky to pair with some of your other pieces. Here’s some tips: Try not to overmix; too many bright colors can easily veer into fluorescent territory, so starting with one or two bright pieces is a safe bet. Pair brights and neons with simpler, softer tones like black to create contrast— or try colorblocking if you’re feeling bold.

Bucket Hats

Another retro-inspired trend is the bucket hat, combining the functionality of sun protection with the nostalgia of yesteryear. It’s versatility and old-school style make it unique and easily pairable with swimwear, casual day-wear, or dressed up with a tucked-in tee and high-waisted shorts or jeans. Try a straw bucket hat for a more natural-inspired, neutral look, a floral print for the bold, or denim for the classic and casual.


From bikinis to t-shirts to everything in between, tye-dye isn’t just for hippies anymore. Tie-dye is versatile and unique— with patterns, colors and styles to fit every personality— not to mention easy, with DIY-dyes that can be replicated at home. For a more subtle look, try a monochromatic piece, softer colors, or lighter, less defined patterns— all still give the tie-dye look without the stereotypical, in-your-face aesthetic. For a bolder look, try bleach dyeing or “reverse tie-dye.” These patterns are typically higher in color contrast and can be done at home, for those seeking to update an already existing piece of their wardrobe.

Mixed Florals

More is more with mixed floral prints. Florals are another summer style staple and can range anywhere from the busiest of patterns to simple, dainty pieces. While florals are generally regarded as more feminine pieces, pairing two or more floral wardrobe pieces together can create a bolder, edgier look. The key to pairing them is to find two prints that complement each other. If your pieces are too visibly similar, they can clash or look disjointed; you want there to be a balance between your florals being distinctly different, yet still harmonizing together.

Puff Sleeves

Another feminine-centric trend, puff sleeves add dimension and volume to an outfit while also making a bold fashion statement. Puff sleeves add an element of surprise to any piece and can choose to either defy gravity or offer just a hint of height and romance to a garment. If you’re not completely sold on the puff, try balancing it out in the form of a longer garment such as a maxi dress; for those hoping to stay subtle but still wanting a bit of edge, try a more sheer fabric that allows for the puff shape without the harsher outline of a more opaque fabric.