I had great teachers in the Whitesboro school system so I thought I understood how much teachers invested in their students and classrooms. Then, I joined TikTok and started watching the teacher videos.

I was amazed at the amount of time and energy they put into everything from desk placement (without social distancing to consider) to bulletin boards to hall passes. Apparently that summer vacation some folks jealously think teachers get is just the time they spend scoring thrift stores, bargain bins, and big box stores for supplies and ideas to engage and entertain the young minds left in their care.

And, most of that merchandise is purchased with their own money.

Then when they have gathered all of that stuff up, they go to their classes and put in days scrubbing, painting, decorating and arranging so that those kiddos feel welcomed and loved.

Let me tell you, I cried when I watched more that one teacher talk about the precautions they take to make it easier to lock those babies safely in those rooms should trouble come a calling.

Not everyone needs a college degree, I agree. But everyone, and I mean every child needs and education and training so that they can use the talents the good Lord gave them. And the people we trust to help them find and develop those talents (teachers) deserve the admiration we reserve for entertainers and sports stars.

Why should the teacher be the best paid people in a community? They are only building the world we are leaving behind.