Joshua Michael Densmore was born May 21, 1992 in Weisbaden, Germany. Everyone in Germany thought Josh and his sisters were pure German citizens due to this blonde hair and blue eyes. Josh and his sisters, Deborah and Tara, experienced their first real show in Germany and when Josh saw his first show, his eyes and face just lit up. He was so amazed. We were all members of a Freewill church in Germany and Josh was so loved by everyone, especially sister Deborah Thomas, her husband, Nate, and their children. Josh grew up as a child always being curious and so adventurous. It always seemed that there was no one who didn’t love Josh or wouldn’t be his friend. But Josh’s life was not an easy one. It seemed as much as it should have been easy, it was a hard knock life for Josh and his brothers and sisters. Josh spent most of his childhood around the Sherman and Denison, Texas area of Grayson County. Josh had many family and friends who loved him in Texas. In 2000 due to family issues, Josh moved to Lawton, Oklahoma, with myself and his brothers. Once again it amazed me how quickly Josh adapted to the new place we called home and once again people became friends with him and loved him. Josh became friends with a young man named Paul Shoemaker and all of his friends quickly became close. Josh and Paul may have not seen eye to eye all the time but somehow they worked it out and did try to stay close. Josh went to high school at Lawton High School and even joined the class of the Jr. ROTC class. He learned not only a lot about the military from them but myself. Josh and Paul’s family did travel to many places on the west area of the United States together. Josh was not only a great son, but a great student during our years in Lawton, Oklahoma. In the final years of his life he had lived with myself and Sandy. On several occasions especially in Lawton, Duncan, Durant, Mead and his final year and half with myself and Sandy in Ardmore, Oklahoma. In his final two years Josh had loved to travel with us also he had developed a serious love for fishing and hunting. The last trip we made together before his passing was up to Lake Eufaula and Josh was like a kid in a candy store. He so loved his children, Noah and Olivia, and his oldest daughter, Angel. Josh so loved his brothers, Augustus and Moses, also his oldest sister, Deborah and Tara. He so loved his brother-in-law, David Traub, his oldest sister’s husband. He so loved his two uncles, Calvin Wade Garrett (deceased) and Brandon Lee Garrett. Josh was taught to drive by his uncle Calvin Wade Garrett in his big Dodge truck. Josh will be severley missed by his cousins, Allen Garrett, and most especially his buttercut, Mattie Garrett. Joshua was not only a great son, also a loving brother and a loving father.

Joshua, you grew your wings and flew to the Father and the Son, but our hearts were not ready for you to go. Joshua you will be so missed by everyone who knew you and loved you. You will never be forgotten and remembered by all forever.