With the spring sports season cancelled by the UIL because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Herald Democrat is putting a spotlight on the seniors who had their high school careers abruptly come to an end.

College plans: Attend Tarleton State University majoring in digital media.

Superstitions, rituals or traditions before or after competing: Never let your baton touch the ground!

Song or music that prepares you for competition: Anything upbeat.

Favorite subject/class: Culinary class.

Favorite teacher and why: Ms. Wear my math teacher because if it wasn’t for her I would be horrible at math.

Favorite coach and why: Coach Ross. He’s been my basketball and track coach for three years and he’s made me into the athlete I am today.

Best teammate and why: Baylee Hix. She’s with me in every sport and we both push each other to be the best we can be. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

Best high school sports memory: When we won the district girls track meet last year.

Best high school non-sports memory: Every moment I got to spend with my best friends.

What you love about your sport: What I love about track is being able to clear your head and just compete. It’s such a mental sport but the feeling you get after winning a race is amazing.

Favorite sports movie and why: “The Miracle Season.” It’s heart-warming and shows the love athletes have for their teammates.

Describe the S&S Class of 2020: The problem child.

Biggest lesson learned: Never to assume you’ll get another chance to compete. Be grateful for every race you get to run and go all out.

Biggest influence in your life: Coach Ross because from the minute I met him I knew that he truly cared about us and he was there to turn our program around and that’s exactly what he did. I can’t thank him enough for taking a chance on little old S&S.

Athlete you look up to: Hunter Woodhall.

Reaction to the season being cancelled: Tears. A lot of tears.

Message to your teammates: I wish we would’ve had the chance to run our last races together and to have a proper goodbye. I’m going to miss every one of you but I know that you’re all going to do great in the years to come.

Message to your freshman self: There’s a lot I would tell my freshman self but most importantly I would say to enjoy it, because it’s over faster than you think and you’ll miss it. Even the parts you don’t think you will.

Thing you won’t miss at all: Running against the wind.

Thing you will miss the most: My team. They mean the absolute world to me and I’m so thankful to have been a part of each of their lives.