Wednesday after several days of rain and a soggy Memorial Day, which I avoided by staying at home and rewiring my trolling motor with a friend smarter than me, I needed to get on the water.

That afternoon I put in and did a lake run. It was a perfect day to be on the water and I just cruised, not running fast at all. I had my rods ready on the deck and begin fishing here and there, although with not real good results.

At my first stop at Pump House Cove, I went to the very back thinking the water would be in the willows. If you have a hankering to see lots of snakes in their natural home then this is the place to go.

On all of the lakes I have fished I have never seen that many snakes in one place. Lake Tawakoni is a close second. About half of them were coming for my boat. I looked like Zorro and his sword as I was filleting them.

The water was only about 2-3 feet deep back there and I left. Once again, I just started a nice ride. My second stop was on a rocky shoreline chunking a Norman Little N I tied into something that was putting up a fight. When I got it close enough to see, I had a Buffalo hooked in the tail. Getting my lure back I ran to East Burns Run. Those willows have some water on them. My only bite there was a dumb carp that bit my Shaky head for some reason. It did put up a good fight.

Back on my ride I stopped off on a rocky point with a shelf dropoff. I caught my first bass. If you squeezed on it hard it might have made 14 inches. Fishing another main lake point with a YUM Pulse Swim bait, I got a fair-size striper. That was about it fish-wise. Bass seem to be hard to find but I have heard of people catching them — where wasn’t in the conservation. I know fishing must be tough as I’m having to work to get them out of the fish market.

The back of Little Mineral is really stained. From the lighthouse to the main lake the water isn’t too bad. I’m sorry that our cove doesn’t have more parking space since Highport has goneto a $10 launch fee and we are getting newer customers at our place. Putting in and finding a parking spot can be a challenge.

We are going to try to get a meeting with the Corps and see what we can do to get more parking for lake users.

There is a bass tournament this weekend so expect to see lots of bass boats. Stripers are going bananas early on topwaters and slabs along with live bait. Now would be a good time to book a trip as almost all boats are coming in with limits and talking about all the overs they had to release.

This weekend and the first of next week look like what a lake was made for — swimming, boating or fishing should be excellent. Those white flashes on our beach or at the boat ramp are my white legs. Wednesday was the first day I had put on cutoffs since last year.

It’s your lake so get out and use it. Masks should be optional as you will all likely be over six feet apart and the virus doesn’t like sunshine, so I hear.