With the spring sports season cancelled by the UIL because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Herald Democrat is putting a spotlight on the seniors who had their high school careers abruptly come to an end.

College plans: Attending Kanakuk Link Year in Branson, Missouri to pursue ministry.

Superstitions, rituals or traditions before or after competing: On games days, for basketball normally, I would take a Epsom salt bath hours before a game and watch as much film as I could find on the opposing team before leaving on the bus.

Song or music that prepares you for competition: Easily Taylor Swift, or music with a lot of bass that would get me excited to compete.

Favorite subject/class: Math, because you could usually find out the answer somehow no matter the method used.

Favorite teacher and why: Mrs. Dodd. She is down to earth and knows what it is like being a student-athlete and is very accepting.

Favorite coach and why: Coach Pelzel. He was very relatable, easy to talk to, and knew the mind of his players and his authorities, instead of a coach-to-player relationship he had friend-to-friend relationships with all his kids. He knew life was bigger than the sport itself.

Best teammate and why: David Denton and Kyle Watson. These guys were always by my side whether it be in season or out. I could always count on these guys to get the job done on the field, court or in life in general.

Best high school sports memory: There is nothing quite like basketball tournaments over Christmas break. Especially when you travel far distances as a team. Going to Anson for a tournament over the break and the memories made on that trip will last forever.

Best high school non-sports memory: Going out to eat for lunches senior year with all my friends once a week were always an expensive blast.

What you love about your sport: The competitive aspect is always a plus, but the friendships created through these sports and the locker-room talks is what I loved the most.

Favorite sports movie and why: "Hoosiers," It’s the best basketball movie of ALL time.

Describe the Gunter Class of 2020: Whatever it takes.

Biggest lesson learned: Times flies so enjoy the now and what you have at the moment. There is enough worry tomorrow, focus on today.

Biggest influence in your life: Jesus, because every decision I make is based off my faith in him.

Athlete you look up to: LeBron James.

Reaction to the season being cancelled: I was sad at first due to realizing memories were being lost but in all, I’ve been able to do things I would of never been able to do without the season being canceled and I see it as a blessing in disguise.

Message to your teammates: Good luck in your futures and if y’all ever need someone to talk to, I’m a quick call away!

Message to your freshman self: Don’t be afraid to fail. Do things you wouldn’t normally do; your growth will become immeasurable.

Thing you won’t miss at all: Morning practices of all types.

Thing you will miss the most: Team dinners and the exceptional food provided.